Constitution of the Sports Whip Association Japan.(1.5.2015)

1. Name - The Organization shall be called “Sports Whip Association Japan” in English. (Hereinafter referred to as The Association)

2. Location - The Association shall be located in Japan.

3. Purpose - The Association is committed to popularize and to promote sports whipcracking in Japan, to encourage communications among members, to use whipcracking competition as a mean to develop international understanding.

4. Activities - In order to achieve the purpose mentioned in (3), the Association conducts the following activities:
1) Conduct researches and studies on whipcracking.
2) Conduct seminars on whipcracking and provide training to instructors.
3) Conduct education on whipcracking towards local organizations.
4) Conduct the Japan National Whipcracking Competition and other (local) whipcracking competitions.
5) Record and manage the records of Japan National Whipcracking Competition.
6) Select and dispatch competitors to international competitions representing Japan.
7) Invite foreign competitors to take part in whipcracking competitions.
8) Enact regulations on whipcracking competitions.
9) Certify judges, trainers, coaches and professional qualifications on whipcracking competitions.
10) Approve the instruments on whipcracking competition.
11) Publish articles on whipcracking competition.
12) Join international organizations on whipcracking representing Japan.
13) Join domestic organizations in Japan
14) Other necessary activities which can achieve the Association’s aims.

5. The membership shall consist of the following categories:

1) Trial Member
Trial Member is a temporary membership, which is for those who are interested in the Association.

2) Pre-Member
Pre-Member is for those who have applied for Ordinary Membership in the Association, but the Association hasn’t conducted any activity in the applicant’s region.

3) Ordinary Member
Ordinary Member is for those who have finished all necessary processes of the application. Ordinary Members are eligible to participate in all activities organized by the Association.

4) Business Member
Business Member is for those who have finished all necessary processes of the application. Business Members are eligible to participate in all activities organized by the Association and to sell whips or whip accessories in the Association.

5) Director
Director is for those who have finished all necessary processes of the application. Directors are those who hold managerial positions for running the Association.

6) Sponsor Member
Sponsor Member is for those who make contributes to the Association’s events and competitions.

7) Advisor
dvisor is for those who are recognized as offering advice or help to the Association.

8) Honor Member
Honor member membership is assigned to those who contribute to development of the Association.

6. Application
The person who wants to join notifies to the Association the desired membership. At the point when the applicant has finished all necessary application process, he/she becomes a member of the Association.

7. Withdrawal
It would be regarded as withdrawal in the Association in the following situations:

Notification of withdrawal from the member in question.

A Director who does not attend the General Meeting and doesn’t entrust on any fellow member.

However, nonattendance is an exception to this.

When Dismissal in Article 18 is exercised.

8. General Meeting

1)General Meeting is held once a year.

2)The General Meeting summons representatives.

3)The decisions are made by majority vote from the attendants. When a tie is reached the jurisdiction would be left to the Chairperson.

4)The quorum must be above two thirds of the number of all members.

5)Proceedings and Decision cannot be made when the quorum is not reached.

6)The chairperson in the General Meeting shall be the President of the person who is nominated by the President.

7)Decisions would be made on the following agenda:

8) Approval of activity plans and budgets.

9) Approval of activity reports and financial reports.

10) Modification of Constitution

11) Approval of directors

12) Other decisions on important issues

Even if the situation of 8.1 is not reached, when more than one third of members request, the President has to summon representatives to hold a general meeting.

9. Directors
These directors are set in the Association.

President 1

Vice-Presidents 3

Auditors 2

The President represents the Association and supervises all activities in the Association.

Vice-Presidents represent the Association and assist the President.

Auditors perform inspections on accounting and the performance of executive committee members performing their duties.

One term is 2 years. Reappointment of directors is permitted.

10. Election of directors
Directors are elected in the General Meeting.

11. Executive Committee
The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice-Presidents and executive committee members.
The President and Vice-presidents are eligible to nominate several executive committee members.
The Executive Committee forms activity plans, budgets and report to the General Committee.
The Executive Committee reports on activity results, financial reports in the former year to the General Committee.
The Executive Committee conducts business based on the decision of the General Meeting.

12. Specialist Committee Member
The President nominates the following Specialist Committee Members.

General Affairs Committee Members
Deal with all clerical works in the Association.

Record Keeping Committee Members
Keep and manage records in competitions.

Dissemination Committee Members
Explore new practice places, organize practice and improve the techniques of whipcracking.

Competition, Adjudication Committee Members
Conduct competitions, registration of competitors, organization of competition rules and approval of qualifications.

Organizational Committee Members
Establish and supervise branches

Liaison Committee Members
Promote international exchange, negotiate on external issues, conduct and research on public relations of business.

Public Relations Committee Members
Edit and produce the Association Journal and other publications, records decisions made in meetings, manage website.

Voluntary, Charity Committee Members
Conduct and plan on voluntary and charity events.

13. Advisor
The Organization can nominate advisors based on the decision of the Executive Committee.

14. Expenses
The expenses of the Association is covered by member fees, contributions, profits and other means.

15. Term
Term - Every term starts on 1st April and finishes on 31st March in the following year.

16. Subsidiary rules
The subsidiary rules are decided by the Executive Committee.

17. Modification of the Constitution
The constitution cannot be modified without the votes of more than two thirds of members in the Executive Committee.

18. Dismissal
With the votes of more than two thirds of members in the Executive Committee, the Association can dismiss any member who is regarded as unsuitable member.
In the following situation, dismissal can be acted without vote, based on the President’s jurisdiction.
(1) The member in question has broken a law or violates the aim of the Association.
(2) When the member in question has defamed the Association or the behavior of the member in question has led to disorders.
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